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Directed by

Melissa Chambers


Written by

Kit Brookman


Carissa Wagner

Production Design

Melissa Chambers

Original Music

Claire Morgan

& the company

Created with

Molly Rolfe, Adam Biggs, Macadie Amoroso, 

Hebe Bartlett, Lucy Yates, Jasper Cook, Tyler Hoyland

Mia Juhl , Jacob Krefeld, James Malone, Isaac Murphy, Virginia Ruspini, Neil Stavely, Jenny Witzel and Helene Madsen Smed

WHALESONG was first commissioned in 2018 by East 15 BA Contemporary Theatre.


It is currently being re-developed with the support of The Attenborough Arts Centre and The Bathway Network, Greenwich University.

A remote seaside village, the present.
The carcass of a whale washes up on the beach.
That night, the children begin to hear strange sounds.

Something is moving through the sleep of the village.

Strange disturbances shake the village. Disappearances, inexplicable silences. An expert is called in, but nothing can stem the tide. The village begins to fall apart. Who, or what, is responsible?
On the beach, the whale’s body begins to rot.

WHALESONG is a gothic mystery for the anthropocene era.

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