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the stones
assembly rooms, edinburgh


"A masterclass in slowly ratcheting up tension with little more than dry ice, an understated soundtrack and tremendously lyrical writing... a satisfying, dark mystery, regularly undercut with black humour, that's sure to haunt you for days."

- The Scotsman

the landor space, london


"A thrilling story told by a highly engaging cast... Chambers’ staging was well-considered and slick"

           - Sepy Baghaei, London Pub Theatres

"Close presents an evergreen situation – teenagers do disappear – made original by fresh thoughts and ideas. And despite the seriousness of the subject, in places it’s laugh-aloud funny."

           - Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine


the signal house edition


"A joy to read..."

"... A little online library. These kinds of documents are the start of a treasure hunt. The artist’s, photographers and writers all become people to find..."

rramble blog 2021

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