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"Another message pushed the previous one upwards on the screen, and a 20-year-old terror slid up through the soles of my feet: He's found out..."

Guilt. Delusion. A splintering present. A murky future.


Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 8-29 August, 2022

Written and directed by Kit Brookman

Performed by Luke Mullins

Lighting design by Ben Jacobs

Composition and sound design by Jethro Woodward



"A masterclass in slowly ratcheting up tension with little more than dry ice, an understated soundtrack and tremendously lyrical writing... a satisfying, dark mystery, regularly undercut with black humour, that's sure to haunt you for days."

- The Scotsman

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the story

After breaking up with his boyfriend, a chance connection with an old school friend leads Nick to take a job as the private tutor to two young children in an old house in Sussex. The family seems perfect, the job too good to be true. But then the stones begin to arrive.


As it becomes clear that his new job is not everything it seems, Nick's hold on reality becomes increasingly tenuous. And all the while, a catastrophe that threatens him and the children in his care slides unobtrusively into view...

The Stones is a darkly comic gothic mystery; a radically distilled piece of writing performed with scalpel-like precision.



"Mullins is riveting... a truly intelligent piece of literature... transcends the boundaries of its limitations."

- Heather Jeffrey, London Pub Theatres Magazine


"... unnerving in its quiet power... The Stones is a slow-burn show, but one that quickly captures your attention, then mercilessly plays with it... an intelligent, decidedly creepy response to our current precarious times."

- David Kettle, The Arts Desk


"Shades of Robert Aickman, Shirley Jackson and Henry James' The Turn of the Screw... Consummate storytelling in both the writing and the rendering."

- Jonathan Kemp, Queerguru

In 1900, three lighthouse keepers vanished without explanation from an island in the outer Hebrides. The last entry in the lighthouse journal read: ‘Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all.'

the team

writer / director - Kit Brookman
Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 18.04.08.png
performer - Luke Mullins

rehearsal diary

Find out from writer / director Kit Brookman what's been going on behind the scenes in the making of THE STONES.



 play text


We will be selling copies of THE STONES on the door during our season at The Edinburgh Fringe, and also online over at  our publication The Signal House Edition.

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